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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tackling the Headlines 17

Second Vancouver, BC Cascades roundtrip to continue indefinitely
This is pretty much breaking news.

Take: It is really nice to see the Canadian government actually care about cross-border train service for once. Transit advocates should keep the pressure on them and U.S. Customs to make cross-border travel less of a hassle.

Arizona rail plan under attack
An editorial expresses skepticism about a rail plan the AZ Transportation Board approved in March.

Take: The newspaper is right to be skeptical about most of the routes being built on a separate right of way rather than on existing rails but the state needs to have a working rail system in place. For starters, the state needs to take possession of the dormant SP line that traverses through Phoenix for service to L.A. Then, it needs to provide intercity rail service to the rest of the state.

Can someone give Florida a wake-up call?
The Sunshine State's Transportation Vision plan is...just lacking.

Take: Other than throwing a bone to Tri-Rail, there is nothing that even pertains to rail. It is truly highway-centric. I just hope a more forward-thinking official is in power in Tallahassee four years from now. Maybe by then, FL will have a real vision plan that provides Floridians a rail option.

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