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Friday, July 25, 2014

Tackling the Headlines 67

Sugarcane train shutting down

In the 50th state, there will be two tourist railroads instead of three come next Friday.

Take: For a state that has very little trackage, this is a blow for anyone who wants to ride the rails on existing infrastructure.

Indy yanks Hoosier State funding

May pull out has now turned to has pulled out.

Take: I have no idea if this was Indianapolis objecting to the Hoosier State potentially becoming an Amtrak train in name only, the capital city not wanting to pay the large share of route's funding, or something else, but this definitely serves as a potential red flag for anyone who advocates municipal funding in the Section 209 Era of state-funded train service.

Caltrain will be electrified in five years

Amid all the bad news, a bit of good.

Take: This will be a boon for the region as a whole.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Northeast shortline news

Last week, the Massachusetts DOT actually bought the Houstatonic line. The move demonstrates that the state is serious about wanting passenger service restored. Now, it's up to Connecticut to do its part--although, it may be busy with its own ideas for restoring passenger service to a long-neglected route.

The folks in upstate New York want the popular Saratoga & North Creek service extended south to the capital region. I say, good luck with the plans since there are two Class I railroads that the Class III would have to go through before a southward extension can take place. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tackling the Headlines 66

All Aboard Florida reveals new Fort Lauderdale station.
Take: It's almost as grand as its plans for Miami.

A setback with the Orlando station
Take: Another mixed verdict. Just as AAF takes a step forward, something else forces them to take a step or two back.

New transit center at Bob Hope Airport
Take: If only there were some space for an actual train station there. Hopefully, when CAHSR is up and running, that problem will be solved.