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With a new administration in D.C., it's time to think outside of the box because passenger rail's survival just may depend on it

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tackling the Headlines 52

X-Train news

Here's a report on where in Vegas the train will stop and here's the latest info on when it will launch

Take: It seems that Paul Druce and X-Train rival Pullman Palace were unto something earlier this year because this entity officially known as Las Vegas Railway Express Inc. is setting itself up to be a stillborn project.

Railroads expected to fall short of PTC deadline

Take: This is what happens when Congress passes a measure and expects the railroads to pay for it.

Over in the UK, hardcore Labourites are calling for the revival of British Rail

While the controversy may be over one rail line, the end game is about driving all of the franchises out of business.

Take: This news would probably be joy to the ears of True Believers and other people opposed to Amtrak competition and would supposedly be "proof" that the British experiment failed. However, the problem is that the government's botched privatization has gotten all of the attention rather than the fixes that it made and the franchises that have actually succeeded

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