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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tackling the Headlines 33

VA: Virginia Beach Firefighters Union Opposes Light Rail
Take: This is a really petulant move.

STB OKs reopening Adirondack rail route
Take: Congratulations to Saratoga & North Creek for establishing an additional foothold in upstate New York.

Texas State Railroad sold to Iowa Pacific
Take: Iowa Pacific could become a shortline powerhouse by the end of the decade.

Eurostar eyes 10 new destinations across Europe
Take: THAT is how the EU mandates for competition should look like--international travelers having an option between Eurostar and DB by 2017.

NC Railroad reaches agreement with CATS in Charlotte
Take: Hopefully, this will lead to bigger and better things for the NCRR--like operating commuter or intercity service one day.

Shining Waters Railway
Take: This may not have anything to do with the Canadian government's efforts to sell off parts of Via Rail to private parties, but someone north of the border is seriously thinking about providing passenger service to a part of Canada that lost service in the wake of the Mulroney Cuts 22 years ago. I just wish someone could restore the Atlantic in the eastern part of the country.

Amtrak outlook: Running between Chicago and Dubuque by 2015
Take: While other states waste time with flimsy research and returning rail money to President Obama, Illinois is producing a rail system. Other states may wind up with the state's leftovers of Amfleet and Horizon Cars once the new equipment makes its way to the Land of Lincoln.

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