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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Random thoughts #5

  1. Some of the ideas Noel Braymer raised in this article were similar to the California Networked Transit concept. The most important thing is CLOSING THE BAKERSFIELD-L.A. GAP! Anything that fails to accomplish this end will undermine a true California rail network.
  2. If Portland & Western ever operates passenger service on the Oregon Electric Line, then it would have to find a new station because the old OE Station is currently a restaurant. My suggestion is for the railroad, the state, and the University of Oregon to extend the route to UO's North Campus.
  3. In states with multiple Class II and Class III railroads--I'm specifically looking at you, Maine--it may be beneficial for these DOTs to partner with them to produce intercity service. Such an arrangement would resemble METRA's commuter deal with the Class I railroads.

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