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Friday, November 1, 2013

Social networking

I have joined Google Plus. Anyone who has an account or plans to get one, here's my page. Over there, I plan to:
  • Expand on blog posts. I will provide additional input on my posts if I feel that the topic is very important.
  • Provide more personal views on rail topics. I also plan to provide my ideas on how passenger rail in America can be made better.
  • Deal with news as it breaks. This could save me from posting others' blog entries and providing too little of an opinion. I will also deal with more local issues like streetcars and light rail--areas I have given little or no coverage.
  • React to other viewpoints. If there is anyone who defends the status quo, I plan to refute it if the circumstances warrant me to do so.
  • Provide random thoughts on issues that are too short for posts. This will allow me to retire the random thoughts blog entries as I have sometimes waited weeks to provide my opinion on stories that fade out of the public's view.

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