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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tackling the Headlines 40

The plot thickens in Britain 

Take: If the First Group bid is allowed to proceed, the UK had better hope that the company doesn't fall into financial dismay. Otherwise, the Cameron Cabinet will have a major egg on its face.

Norfolk service and prices set

There will be a temporary facility in place until next spring because of a disagreement over the design.
Take: This still doesn't answer what will happen once the permanent facility is up and running in regards to an actual ticket agent being  placed there.

An Express HSR route in Illinois? It's not where you think

The tracks would be alongside I-90 between O'Hare Airport and Rockford.
Take: If the state actually goes through with the plan, the logical thing is extending that bad boy up to Madison where it could meet with the future MWHSR system and an extended Zip Rail.

Another Florida community flirting with commuter rail

It's now Polk County's turn.
Take: How long will Tallahassee hold out as community after community looks to rail? If I'm Rick Scott and want to save my job in 2014, I would take the first steps to forming a Florida Intercity Rail System. The orange lines infuriate me because Florida's so-called rail activists sat by and watched CSX abandon portions of the old Seaboard route. While it could be possible for rail service to be reinstated as Jacksonville is proposing for its own commuter system, the inaction was horrible.

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