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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tackling the Headlines 29

Scotland-London high-speed rail link to get go-ahead
Take: Given that last year was horrible for fast trains, this is a fresh start--too bad it's on the other side of the Atlantic. How far this battle will go is anyone's guess since PM David Cameron's own Conservative Party is threatening to stage a mutiny over the approval.

New station for Raleigh approved by city council
Take: This is only the first of many steps but something needs to be done to ensure that residents along an emerging rail hub are provided a quality station in the decades to come.

HSR Canada provided two links on the topic of private operators as car marker Ferrari is entering the passenger train business later this year. The Reuters article is a rundown of what Italians should expect while the Environmental Blog raises the pros and cons of private high speed trains.

Take: The tribulations of 2011 demonstrate that in some instances, it's best that the companies with Express HSR expertise lead the way in providing 150+ mph service while state governments concentrate in building a consistent corridor network. Texas could be the testing ground as JR Central is planning 200+ mph service while the state could then shift its resources to building up the Texas Triangle, South Central (along the Texas Eagle route to Little Rock), and Gulf Coast (Houston-New Orleans) as productive routes.

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