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Monday, May 23, 2011

Random thoughts

  1. South Bend builds a transit center downtown but Amtrak decides to stay at its current location because the carrier couldn't reach an agreement with the city. Mind you, the original owner--South Shore--left the building in 1992! Since South Shore's station is now at the airport, perhaps another operator like First Group could use the South Street Station for conventional and Regional Chicago-Cleveland service as well as long-distance service between Chicago and Florida via Washington.
  2. When it was operated by the Chesapeake & Ohio, the Pere Marquette called Chicago's now-defunct Grand Central Station home. If the 176-mile route is transferred to another operator based on PRIIA competition guidelines, the new operator should move the train out of Union Station and into LaSalle Street Station. As a matter of fact, the same thing should also happen to the Blue Water route because both routes unlike the Wolverines are supported by Michigan, and thus, are not part of the national Amtrak system.
  3. The Hamburg-Cologne Express has been delayed until the summer due to slot conflicts with Keolis. Anyway, I hope that the people over at Locomore are able to pull off their venture. Maybe, by being successful, we will have more PPP opportunities whether the host railroads and True Believers like it or not.

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